Previous Years’ Grants

American Cancer Society$7,403.85
American Heart Association$7,403.85
American Red Cross of NW Florida$7,403.85
ARC Gateway$100.00
ARC Gateway$1,000.00
Big Oak Ranch$24,000.00
Boy Scouts of America, GCC$1,741.31
Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast$2,500.00
Capitol Hill Pregnacny Center$178.57
Catholic University of America$1,000.00
Children in Crisis$1,741.31
Children’s Volunteer Health Network$1,500.00
Children’s Volunteer Health Network$1,500.00
Childrens Miracle Network$178.57
Christ the King Episcopal Church$5,000.00
Early Learning Coalition, Okaloosa/Walton$1,741.31
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home$7,403.85
First United Methodist Church$1,000.00
First United Methodist United Community Ministries$500.00
First United Methodist United Community Ministries$500.00
Food for Thought$1,741.31
Friends of Renton Schools Fund$178.57
Greater Houston Community Foundation (Hurricane Harvey)$500.00
Gulf Coast Council, Boy Scouts of America$2,500.00
Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa$2,500.00
Hands Along The Nile$178.57
Headstrong Project$178.57
Impact 100$1,000.00
Impact 100$1,000.00
Learn to Read$279.72
Maharishi Foundation USA, Inc.$2,000.00
Milk and Honey$1,000.00
Milk and Honey$250.00
Milk and Honey$850.00
Milk and Honey$1,000.00
Milk and Honey Outreach$1,250.00
Our Lady of the Angels, St. Joseph Medical Clinic$2,500.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus$1,402.57
Pensacola High School International Baccalaureate Scholarship$1,000.00
Pensacola Jewish Federation$7,000.00
POPPS (dba Powell Padres)$178.57
Sacred Heart Foundation$1,000.00
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation$6,965.27
Snowball Express$178.57
St. Elizabeth School$1,000.00
St. Jude Research Hospital$178.57
St. Jude Research Hospital$178.57
St. Jude Research Hospital$178.57
St. Rita Catholic Church – Pre-School$500.00
The Arc of the Capital Area$178.57
The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation$178.57
The Hun Fund – The Hun School of Princeton$178.57
The Satori Foundation$25,000.00
The Satori Foundation$10,000.00
Treatment Advocacy Center$178.57
Tree House Episcopal Montessori School$2,200.00
Trinity Presbyterian Church$1,500.00
United Methodist Children’s Home$2,000.00
United Way of West Alabama$7,500.00
University of Alabama – Book Arts Program$20,000.00
University of Alabama – Sport Business Management$5,000.00
University of Alabama – Undergraduate Scholarship Program$10,000.00
University of Alabama Alumni Association$250.00
YMCA of NWFL$1,000.00
YMCA of NWFL$2,500.00
Alabama Alumni Association$250.00
American Cancer Society$7,226.48
American Red Cross of NW Florida$7,226.48
American Heart Association$7,226.48
Arc of Florida, Inc.$500.00
Arc of North Texas$888.00
Birmingham-Southern College$1,000.00
Boy Scouts of America$2,500.00
Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast$2,500.00
Children’s Advocacy Center$1,000.00
Children in Crisis$1,000.00
Christ the King Episcopal Church$5,088.00
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America$888.00
Disabled American Veteran’s Charitable Service Trust, Inc.$888.00
Early Learning Coalition of Okaloosa and Walton counties$2,990.00
Easter Seals Greater Washington$888.00
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home$7,226.48
Learn to Read$278.70
Milk and Honey Outreach Ministries$2,990.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus$1,393.05
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation$5,981.00
The Hun Fund$888.00
IMPACT 100$2,000.00
The Parents’ Place of Maryland$1,000.00
First United Methodist Church$3,700.00
Junior Acheivement of NWFL$250.00
Lespwa International$888.00
The Maharishi Foundation USA, Inc.$1,000.00
Milk and Honey$3,000.00
Parents Place of Maryland$1,000.00
Pensacola Camellia Club Foundation$16,000.00
Pensacola High School International Baccalaureate Scholarship$1,750.00
Pensacola Jewish Federation$7,000.00
St. Elizabeth Schoool$1,000.00
Shriners’ Hospital for Children$1,000.00
Pensacola State College Foundation$200.00
Sacred Heart Foundation$1,000.00
Satori Foundation (2 of 3)$25,000.00
Seaside School Foundation$1,500.00
Snowball Express$888.00
The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School$1,000.00
TIP, Northwest Florida Chapter$1,000.00
United Methodist Children’s Home$1,000.00
United Ministries$500.00
University of Alabama – Book Arts Program$40,000.00
University of Alabama – Undergraduate Scholarship Program$5,000.00
Warrior Dog Foundation$888.00
The World Orphan Fund$500.00
Wounded Warriors Project$250.00
YMCA of Northwest Florida$3,500.00
American Cancer Society$6,996.68
American Red Cross of NW Florida$6,996.68
American Heart Association$6,996.68
Arc Gateway$1,400.00
Arc Gateway of Florida$500.00
Autism Society of Central Texas$1,000.00
Big Oak Ranch$12,000.00
Birmingham Southern College$1,000.00
B’Nai Israel Synagogue$25,000.00
Children In Crisis$2,000.00
Christ the King Episcopal Church$2,000.00
Downtown Rotary Foundation$1,000.00
Early Learning Coalition$2,000.00
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home$6,996.68
First United Methodist Church$3,500.00
First United Methodist Children’s Home – Santa Rosa County$554.00
Learn to Read$278.31
Impact 100$1,000.00
Impact 100$1,000.00
Jubilee Christian Center of Pensacola, Inc.$1,000.00
Lifesong for Orphans$500.00
Milk and Honey Outreach Ministries$1,000.00
Nick’s Kids Foundation$3,000.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus$1,385.02
Pensacola Children’s Chorus$1,000.00
Pensacola High School International Baccalaureate Scholarship$1,000.00
Pensacola Jewish Federation$7,000.00
Pensacola State College Foundation$500.00
PYC Satori Foundation$503,500.00
PYC Satori Foundation – 1st of 3 Annual Grants$25,000.00
PYC Satori Foundation – Special Projects$10,000.00
Red River Valley Association$1,000.00
Sands in Burkina$1,000.00
Seaside School Foundation, Inc.$1,500.00
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation$4,554.00
The Hun School of Princeton$1,000.00
The Tree House Montessori Episcopal School$1,000.00
University of Alabama at Birmingham Cancer Research$250.00
University of Alabama Alumni Association$500.00
Vision For and From Children$500.00
Vivian B. Adams School$250.00
YMCA of Northwest Florida$28,500.00
Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference10,000.00
American Cancer Society6,603.29
American Heart Association6,603.29
American Red Cross of NW Florida6,603.29
ARC Gateway1,000.00
Birmingham Southern College1,000.00
B’nai Israel Synagogue10,000.00
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home6,603.29
First United Methodist Church4,000.00
Habitat for Humanity – Oklaloosa County1,000.00
Huntingdon College500.00
IMPACT 1001,000.00
Kennedy Krieger Foundation500.00
Learn to Read276.46
Manna Food Bank1,564.00
Milk and Honey Outreach Ministries1,500.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus1,346.63
Pensacola High School International Baccalaureate Scholarship1,000.00
Pensacola Jewish Federation8,000.00
Pensacola Junior Yacht Club2,500.00
Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida1,000.00
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation3,075.00
The ISIS Foundation (USA)300.00
United Methodist Children’s Home200.00
United Ministries5,000.00
University of Alabama – Book Arts Program20,000.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus1,699.02
American Cancer Society8,017.98
American Red Cross of NW Florida8,017.98
American Heart Association8,017.98
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home8,017.98
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation3,235.28
Families Count3,235.27
Learn to Read340.38
Impact 1001,000.00
Sacred Heart Foundation2,500.00
St. Baldrick’s Foundation100.00
American Friends of Masterworks250.00
Milk and Honey Outreach Ministries600.00
First United Methodist Church1,500.00
United Methodist Children’s Home1,500.00
Birmingham-Southern College500.00
Craig Memorial United Methodist Church500.00
Pensacola State College Foundation1,000.00
American Cancer Society4,025.00
American Heart Association4,025.00
American Red Cross of NW Florida4,025.00
Families Count3,184.00
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home4,025.00
Favor House of NW Florida25,000.00
First United Methodist Church21,500.00
Learn to Read339.00
Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen15,000.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus1,700.00
Sacred Heart Foundation31,615.00
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation3,184.00
South Santa Rosa Interfaith Ministries22,700.00
United Methodist Children’s Home150.00
United Ministries25,000.00
WSRE TV Foundation3,471.00
American Cancer Society4,065.00
American Heart Association4,065.00
American Red Cross of NW Florida9,065.00
Baptist Health Care Foundation36,125.00
Families Count8,313.00
Father Flanagan’s Boys Home4,065.00
Favor House of NW Florida25,000.00
First United Methodist Church21,600.00
Learn to Read342.00
Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen20,000.00
Pensacola Children’s Chorus1,694.55
Sacred Heart Foundation20,900.00
Snoezelen Westgate Foundation3,313.00
South Santa Rosa Interfaith Ministries22,800.00
United Ministries28,300.00
Waterfront Rescue Mission5,000.00
WSRE TV Foundation3,313.00