Disaster Recovery Fund: Hurricane Relief

Ways you can offer assistance now…

We have seen devastation caused by natural disasters throughout the Florida Panhandle.

Many of our Northwest Florida communities have been severely affected by hurricanes over the past few years.  You can give now to help with the recovery efforts that are needed now and in the future.   

The CFNWF proudly serves many of the counties declared as disaster counties.

Ways to Help - Immediate Recovery

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Donate through one of the organizations below with a local presence currently providing hurricane relief in the impacted communities:

        American Red Cross 


        Salvation Army 


*These organizations are provided for informational purposes only. The Community Foundation of Northwest Florida does not make any representations or warranties with regard to the nonprofits listed above.

Ways to Help – Long Term Recovery

The Community Foundation of Northwest Florida’s Disaster Relief Fund will focus on the long term recovery from natural disasters. Devastation of this level can take years to recover from, particularly in rural communities with limited nonprofit and philanthropic infrastructure. The CFNWF will partner with the appropriate organizations to support this effort.

If you would like to contribute to the CFNWF Disaster Relief Fund you may:

Use our secure, online donation form above powered by DonorBox


Send a check to the Community Foundation of Northwest Florida, designating for the Disaster Relief Fund:


17 W. Cedar Street, Suite 2

Pensacola, FL 32502

Where to Find Recovery Assistance